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How Busy Women Can Start To Look After Themselves By Using Mindful Movement To Get Stronger From The Inside Out

Join the FREE Support Your Frame Challenge and Start To Relieve Your Back Pain With The Power Of Pilates And Start Moving Better, Relieve Back Pain, Alleviate Stress And Feel Stronger




What To Expect....

You’ll Discover How These Simple Techniques Can Start Alleviating Your Back Pain Straight Away.

I Reveal The Method We Use With All Of Our Clients To Build A Strong Frame To Support Their Bodies.

I’ll Share Simple And Highly Effective Ways To Alleviate Stress And Start Feeling Stronger

Every Day I’ll Share One Action Item In The Group For You To Complete And Post In The Comments How You Got On.

Each Task Can Be Done in Just 15 Minutes And I’ll Be On Hand, To Answer Any Questions You Have. You’ll Meet Some Like Minded Folk In The Very Same Position As You.

What Results Our Clients Have Experienced 

Nice to 'Meet' You....

I have helped many people like yourself alleviate their back pain with Pilates. Pilates is such an underutilised tool and more people need in their everyday lives. I have shown many people that may not even like exercise, who have come to love Pilates and didn't realise it was missing from their lives.


Think Pilates is not for you?


Maybe you're not sure that Pilates will even help your back pain?


Or maybe you are fed up with trying different types of exercise to only feel defeated?


This challenge is a great starting place to challenge those misconceptions and understand the principles of Pilates and how it can help. 


Like yourself i suffered with back pain for many years after working in horse racing. 


What I have discovered through doing Pilates is that until you connect fully with your mind and body you will never truly discover your capabilities.


Pilates doesn’t just strengthen your body, but the mind too. 


Never judge a book by its cover until your have read it from front to back.


That pain won’t disappear on its on so it’s now or never.

I think now sounds better than never.


This challenge is about implementation AND engagement in the private group - so we all get the maximum benefit from it. 


I’ll be putting in 100% and i expect you to do the same in return. So we will be rewarding the most engaged and removing the up for the challenge?

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