Awareness of your actions comes in all shapes and forms

We wander through life generally unaware of the effect that our actions could be having on those around us. The words that we say to others could either shift that person towards acting or reacting. Bringing awareness to our actions allows us to grow into a better version of ourself.

We can let our own personal life or even work life control the way we portray ourselves to those who see us on a daily basis. If we are fully aware of our actions and how we are perceived then we can work to become someone who people are inspired by.

I recently went through this very realisation that my my actions were portraying me to be a person i did not want to be. I was letting my own private issues seep into what i worked hard to build. However, we are all normally aware of our actions it is whether we do anything about it by being open and honest is what counts.

Actions Speak Louder than Words

It is easy to hide behind your imaginary wall thinking that no one will notice. You may even think to yourself that your actions were justified. But at the end of the day if you feel an ounce of remorse you will admit to yourself that your actions are only causing you pain.

The day you expose yourself to the world is the day the weight is lifted from your shoulders and you can begin your journey of self discovery. I know i did.

I exposed myself and it felt like all the problems i had been facing were not even really problems anymore because i used my awareness for good.


International Women’s Day Confession

International Womans Day

I find with each passing day i become more and more aware of my own actions.

With today being such a significant day for women, i wanted to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to each and every one of you.

I feel as a woman i almost have something to prove.

I have always been like this. Whether or not this is a good thing or bad thing is for you to decide.

Working hard is just in my blood and failure is not in my vocabulary.

You may find me abrupt in what i do but it has got me this far today.

For me everyday is a new day for me to work on myself.

I have self development books coming out my ears, i listen to the best people in the world via podcasts, and i constantly want to better myself to give you the most amazing studio experience ever.

Recently i feel like i have lost my way.

The universe most certainly want’s to test me.

Since opening the studio i think i have had some of the hardest issues to deal with.

I was very naive to think that all i wanted to do was open a studio to give you guys somewhere amazing to come.

Oh how wrong i was. I am a business woman, Pilates instructor, Personal trainer, manager, cleaner, receptionist, counsellor, to name a few.

With each of these i have to put a different hat on and it can be hard at times to remember which one i need on my head.

As a woman i am fighting to prove i can do this.

As a woman i am fighting to prove that there is more out there for all of us.

Be a Strong Ass Woman!

I have let my feelings on too many occasions control how i react.

As the face of a growing business it is important to me that you get the best experience possible.

As a woman i want other women to feel they can look up to me.

Lets face it, it is hard being a woman!

But we can make it as easy or as hard as we want it to be.

Today i take this opportunity to say i am sorry.

We cannot be controlled by feelings and emotions.

The more they control us the more we react to a situation the wrong way and can be portrayed in a way we don’t want.

Life is full of challenges and we must lift each other up and support each other along the way.

Thank you for being a part of what i am creating. It means more to me than you realise.

Empowering women to see themselves as strong is all i want.

No matter the age, colour of skin or religion we are all capable of great things.

Much Love