Can I do too much exercise?

At first glance, it probably seems like the answer is pretty obvious, of course you can do too much exercise!

But the real question should be – can I exercise daily, and should I be?

The big factor you have to remember is that everyone is different, which means that everyone is capable of different amounts of exercise per week.

Figuring this out will be a natural process and WILL take time, but for those who know how much they are physically capable of, where do we draw the line?Too Much Exercise - Rogue Health and Fitness


Do we do as much as we can otherwise it’s not good enough? Or do we not bother and save our energy for the big weekend night out?

Here’s a really good way you can look at it.

Knowing how much rest you need is vital, and most people underestimate how much they actually need.

If you are more active one week than most, allow more time for rest, and maybe not go as hard in the gym or take a more easy going fitness class.

The key isn’t to either be exercising or not, it’s down to the intensity of what we are doing. Most of us, especially in the fitness industry, prefer to be active daily.

So again, we need to be more mindful about not just training as hard as we can, or taking time off. 

We want to find a routine where we can be consistent.

Especially with Pilates, you can practice it every day. However, don’t get carried away. It may be a gentler form of exercise but that doesn’t mean we don’t need to take adequate time to recover.

Make sure you have rest days to allow your body to fully recover. 

If we get too tired when doing classes because of muscle fatigue we could potentially do the movement wrong and increase our likelihood of injury.

Especially with Pilates, we want to use it as a form of training that helps prevent injuries, not increase them.


So… what’s the verdict?

So yes, you can do TOO MUCH exercise, but balancing rest and appropriately altering your fitness schedule or workout routine to avoid fatigue really is the key to long term consistency and success. It also does go without saying, but this is a huge learning curve. Finding the right workout routine for you and how to change that to match your ever changing life will be a struggle. But you will figure it out, and you will get there.