/ Pil-a-tays /
Noun – a system of exercises using special apparatus designed to improve physical strength, flexibility and posture and enhance mental awareness.

We understand that to a novice’s eye, a Pilates studio can appear to be an intimidating space. Common misconceptions are usually:

“Pilates is an expensive hobby, right?”

“You have to be super fit to be good at Pilates”

“Pilates is for women” 

But these could not be any further from the truth! Pilates is a workout designed to work EVERY body, of EVERY age, gender and ability. Along with our team of experienced instructors, an Infinite Performance class is the perfect place to practise your skill with the right support, making it easy to adopt as a hobby.

So before you begin, to help you get off on the right foot we thought we would put together a simple guide to Pilates etiquette to avoid any first-time faux pas’:



Pilates Etiquette For Beginners


Pilates Attire

It is important that you dress correctly when you are participating in a Pilates class. Not only will this ensure your safety and hygiene, but it will also maximise your enjoyment! So what should you wear to a Pilates class?

  • Socks with a gripped sole: Wearing sole-gripped socks will help to prevent you slipping on any slippery surfaces or apparatus, which could cause injury. Socks will also aid to keep your feet warm and dry and prevent against any bacteria or dirt being transmitted from the apparatus and equipment
  • Leggings / shorts: Something that you can move freely in without any restriction or risk of getting caught, trailing or tripping over
  • Tie your hair back: If you have long hair, it is probably best to tie your hair back into a ponytail or bun. Not only is it irritating if your hair is in your face, but if you are practising reformer pilates you could run the risk of getting your hair caught in the springs – ouch! (Top tip: your instructor also needs to be able to check and align your posture, therefore, you can help to make this easier by tying your hair back)


Personal Hygiene 

General personal hygiene and respect of your peers is crucial when you are sharing a studio with a small group. But what do we mean by personal hygiene?

    • Avoid excessive make-up: How would you feel if you were about to use a piece of equipment that was covered in make-up? Not only is it off-putting to use dirty equipment, but you must be respectful that Pilates equipment isn’t cheap to replace either! Be respectful of your peers and go au natural (or minimal make-up if you must) 
    • The balance of perfumes/aftershaves: Heavy fragrance can be very distracting, and Pilates involves many breathing exercises – so the worst thing you want is to be overpowering for your neighbour on the mat next to you when they are trying to focus their breathing and clear their airways
    • Clean up after yourself: Sweat is inevitable during a workout, so just as you would when you go to your local gym – be conscious of cleaning down any equipment that you have used, ready for the next person. A Pilates studio sits very much under the umbrella of a classical studio, such as the likes of ballet and yoga – where clients are required to clean their equipment after use, therefore it is important to respect the culture and look after the space you enjoy


Respect The Cancellation Policy

Here at Infinite Performance, we make it super easy for our clients to book their spot on a class via our online booking timetable. However, we also make it super easy to cancel a class, if needs be. 

It is important to remember that there are general rules in place when you attend a Pilates class so that everyone can come and enjoy their time with ease. One of these rules is a general cancellation policy. It is courtesy to inform your instructor if you can no longer attend a class, as not only is it polite to not keep everyone waiting for you if you are never going to turn up, but you can free up a space for someone else. 


Have A Debrief With Your instructor Before You Begin

If you are coming along to a class for the first time, then it is always a good idea to introduce yourself to your new instructor straight away. Flag up any past injuries you have had, any restrictions that you suffer, any health issues that may arise – this will help your instructor assess your ability and tailor your workout for both enjoyment and ease. 


Get In Touch Today

Are you considering trying pilates for the first time? Our team here at Infinite Performance are always on hand to help answer any of your questions and support you along the way. We’re more than a Pilates studio – we are a community who welcome people of all ages and abilities to come and enjoy a workout and make a new friend along the way. Get in touch today by giving us a call on 0191 276 2611 or pop down to our boutique studio in Newcastle upon Tyne.