The current pandemic has brought a sense of the unknown to our everyday lives. So how do we deal with it?

It can be easy for me to say just get on with you can’t do anything about it, but what if you could? We must make the most out of a bad situation. If this teaches you anything is that working on ourselves is so important for growth during this unprecedented time.

We can so easily get swept up in the media stigma around this and let it take over our lives. It is important that we take this opportunity to learn about ourselves (scary i know) and become stronger through this difficult time.


How to Deal with the Unknown


Don’t Hide Away from the Unknown

I can imagine there are a lot of self help gurus out their trying to sell their programmes claiming they can miraculously get rid of your stress and anxiety. Let me tell you now it is utter b******s. Take it from the Queen of Stress and Anxiety it can take years to fully get control of it. Don’t let put you off though.

I definitely wont press to be an expert at this but i have dealt with enough stress and anxiety in my life to give my own little titbits of advice. Dealing with the unknown, especially right now when we are isolated from others, can be so hard. However, when it comes to stress, anxiety or depression we tend to hide away anyway.

I know when i have had high levels of anxiety all i wanted to do was run away and hide. You feel alone and like you are the only one who would ever feel like this. You couldn’t be further from the truth. The best thing you could do right now is talk about it. It can seem scary in the moment but when you release the heavy weight you have been carrying on your shoulders all this time you suddenly feel lighter.


Who do i talk to?


Talking to someone can be hard especially when you know that person well. I always found it hard to talk to my parents and that’s okay. Seeking out people who don’t know you is actually a good place to start. I have seeked professional help in the way of counsellors, Life Coaching and worked with spiritual healers. The path you choose is yours to discover. If you just want to be surrounded with people who understand then i suggest heading to the Infinite Energy Group for help. Amy is an amazing coach and is who i seen my biggest shift and change within myself. Check her out her

There are also an array of books out there that help you during this time. I think it is important to to understand with reading books though that we have to be open to receiving the advice they are giving. You could have 100 self help books on your shelf but they are useless if you pay no attention to what’s in them. If a book is telling you do this to start helping your anxiety then you actually have to put that into practice.

Here are some of my favourite books:

The Power of Meditation


If you have not meditated then you need to start. Anxiety, stress and depression is manifested greater if our thoughts run our livers. At the minute while we are stuck inside all the time our thoughts will be playing havoc with us. A lot of people think when you meditate you mind has to be completely still. That is not the case.

Meditation allows us to become more aware of the thoughts that creep into our mind and allows us to use the breath to start and remove them. I don’t think i could live with mediation in my life now. Every morning when i wake up the first thing i do is mediate. It sets me up for the day and releases any self doubt i may have. I have tired many different forms but have found i need to constant feedback of someone to keep my mind from wandering. I highly recommend Calm.There are so many great meditations, sleep stories, 90 seconds to calm, music and much more.


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