We all have different vices that we turn to when we feel as though things are getting a little heavy. And right now, it’s safe to say things have never felt less ‘normal’ due to COVID-19. A lot of us may be experiencing good days and bad, waves of unsettling uncertainty, or struggling to manage with the fear of the unknown. One thing is for certain – exercise is a vice that most of us turn to when we need to let off some steam, right? Working up a sweat, releasing endorphins and having a goal to focus on can help to keep the calm throughout the chaos. 

While our studio doors may be temporarily closed, we want to keep your love of Pilates alive. If you follow us on Facebook, we have been posting daily videos demonstrating moves you can try at home and today we want to break down our guide to practicing Pilates from your front room. So when you’re ready, let’s get into it…


How To: Practise Pilates At Home


Can I Do Pilates At Home?

Of course you can! Pilates can be practised both at home and in your local studio, that’s the beauty about it. It’s no surprise that this current pandemic can take its toll on us both physically and mentally, which is why we always advise the gentle practise of Pilates to keep our bodies and brains active. As physically, Pilates not only tightens and tones your muscles, but it strengthens your body and increases your flexibility – however it is also proven to have a fantastic impact on our mental health; it can help us to control our stress, aid to diminish insomnia, ease tension, focus your breathing and keep you calm. 

You can read more on how Pilates can improve your mental health on one of our previous blogs here

How Do I Start?

Seek Advice

Whether you are a total beginner, or you have been enjoying Pilates for years, when it comes to practising at home, we would always recommend speaking to a professional for general guidance and support. 

Here at A1 Infinite Performance, we have a wonderful team of experienced professionals who are here to support you. Please do reach out if you have any questions at all, or if you would even just like to have a chat about your Pilates journey. We’re all in this together. 


Have Patience / Take One Day At A Time

The beauty of Pilates is the sense of calm it brings with it. Remember to go at your own pace, embrace this, tailor the stretches to your ability and just completely enjoy the workout. Have patience with yourself – Rome wasn’t built in a day!


Make Time

We’re lucky to have the luxury of time right now. Try to look at the silver lining of the current chaos going on around us. This enforced time spent at home means we have time to do the things we once deemed that we were ‘too busy’ to do. Write a list of everything that you want to accomplish in this time, and build yourself a structure. Wake up with the intent of completing the tasks on your list, and reward yourself with a relaxing Pilates workout to ease the stress, worries and fears that may be brewing inside. 


Do I Need Any Equipment?

Not necessarily. If you have the space and the resource, then a reformer can be a great addition to your furniture (if you are comfortable and trained to operate one correctly!) but if not, then all you need is two things. 

  • Mat
  • Space

It’s as simple as that! 


Who Can Do Pilates?

The amazing thing about Pilates is that the whole family can take part at their specific ability and level. If you have young children in the house, encourage them to take part to stretch for the day ahead, or to unwind after a day of homeschooling. If you live with the elderly – keep them mobile through gentle practice – Pilates is a gentle exercise that will not leave you struggling to catch your breath. And of course, if you are currently pregnant, you can take part (check out our blog on the top five most FAQ about Pilates to learn more about Pilates during pregnancy) just make sure you follow sensible guidelines and take it easy. Listen to your body and have fun! 


Infinite Performance Online

We have set up a Facebook group called ‘Infinite Performance Online’, in order to create the perfect Pilates hub for all of our members to join in with our workouts online. Every day from Monday to Saturday you will have access to a variety of live classes. The following classes that we are teaching online are: 

  • Mat
  • Infinite Fusion
  • Pilates Strong
  • Vinyasa Yoga
  • Stretchy Feel Good
  • Reformer 

Our advice: You can do as many classes as you want in those six days, but we advise to only do one class a day at the most. Make sure you do a variety and don’t stick to doing high intensity classes every day. 

If you are new to the group, you will receive a 7-day free trial. Following this, if you want to continue, you will get your first month half price! 

To help you get started, here are a few house rules to bear in mind before your class begins:

  • Your instructor will be live five minutes prior to your class starting
  • If you need to ask a question, please do it before or after the class, not during as classes need to start on time
  • Post a comment on the previous post before your instructor goes live to let us know if you will be doing the class live or doing it later (comment #live or #replay)
  • On a Sunday evening, all of the weeks’ sessions will be removed (to avoid clogging up the feed)

In addition to our classes, we will also be hosting online competitions and webinars on nutrition! If you would like any more information on any of the above or you would like us to discuss a specific topic, then simply leave a comment over on
our page!


Stay Connected…

While our studio doors may be closed, we are active as ever over on our social media. Stay connected to our Facebook and Instagram pages where we are posting regular at-home workouts for you all to try and stay a part of the communication. We’re all in this together.