I already, walk, run, do yoga, play sports etc…how is Pilates different from those activities?

Pilates is there for you to facilitate all the other things you love. 

It aids in flexibility and corrects imbalances that come from doing other forms of exercise. 

It helps to connect a flexible Yogi or Dancer in order to not strain the joints. 

It’s all good being able to bend your body into different shapes, but under control will make it even better.  

It helps to open the Crossfitter, football player, Rugby player, or even those who are tight from walking regularly. 

It helps to create higher performance and mitigate negative side effects of all other forms of movement. 

And is also a fantastic primary form of exercise for those who are passionate about Pilates! Just because you already do a sport doesn’t mean that doing Pilates exercises shouldn’t be a part of your routine

How Pilates can Help Improve your Weight Lifting 

But how does it really help?

When we had Newcastle Falcons in, it was evident that these big strong players struggled when it came to controlling small movements. Just because you can plow through people on the pitch, and lift heavy weights doesn’t make you strong. 



Far from it. 

The muscles needed for explosive power for the likes of running are only ever used effectively enough if the smaller stabilising muscles are working efficiently and doing their job.

What tends to happen is the bigger movement muscles are doing 2 jobs. Both moving you (or trying to) and supporting you.

The problem with this is that those big movement muscles are most probably tight and stiff. 

If we start to strengthen our supportive muscles and allow them to do their job, then the big muscles can also do their job better too. 

But where do you need to start?

Just stretching will not be enough to make a difference.

Also stretching really isn’t the bee all and end all of everything we can do. 

Take me for instance (Beth) I very rarely stretch mainly just at the end of a Reformer Session very briefly and I am the most mobile I have ever been.

How you ask? Because I make sure to treat all my muscles as equals and give them the love and care they all deserve. 

As Pilates himself said “When all your muscles are properly developed you will, as a matter of course, perform your work with minimum effort and maximum pleasure” 

First start by connecting with your inner core and work from there. This C-Spine exercise is a great place to start. Can you deepen and get those abdominals to draw back and in and not out? If not get that ball behind the lower back and work on gaining control of your core. 


Pilates exercises