Does trying to sit up cause you discomfort?

Many Pilates exercises may include having to sit upright with straight legs and a straight spine.

This is generally difficult for most people so don’t worry if you are struggling.

There will be a few reasons as to why you are struggling to sit upright.

If either the back of your legs (hamstrings) or your low back are tight, you may have a hard time getting into this position. However, the normal hamstring stretches may not cut it especially if this is tightness that has been there for years.

Don’t worry we’ve got you covered. Simply by placing a block under the bum can help us to sit forward and create that nice long spine. This will also help to engage that core so as it gets stronger we won’t rely on using the block.

Cross Legged



But what if i can’t cross my legs i hear you say. As we get older those hips tend to get tighter and tighter. Instead of trying to force yourself into an uncomfortable cross legged position you can either sit with the legs open or the soles of the feet together. 

Feet Together

Legs Apart

Remember, it is always better to modify an exercise than to push through the exercise with bad form. There is no competing here. It’s about connecting with your body and doing what feels right.

It is better to bring awareness to the tightness and the areas of instability and work on these before forcing yourself into an uncomfortable position. Are classes are small so we are bale to give you alternatives to help you improve in areas you may find the hardest.