What’s the science behind it all? The benefits of Pilates

You’ve probably heard at some point in the past about us listing all the benefits of Pilates and how great it is… and IT IS. But anyone could say that about anything, so what proof do we have that these so-called benefits actually work?

So, here’s the facts

How does Pilates affect you physically?

Are there any REAL benefits to it?

The best way to explain it is to go over the most popular claims that Pilates has for your health.

The first of which is back pain.

Learning to control your pelvis and strengthen key areas such as your core and erector spinae not only increase the strength of your frame and reduce the likelihood of injury.

It has also been shown to reduce disc herniations and decrease pressure on impinged nerves.

Knowing this from our own practice, we know that these physical changes caused by Pilates will also lead to a straighter spine, better posture, and even a taller, leaner shape!

Even in elite athletes, Pilates is known for its mark on improving balance, muscle tone and posture.

But are there any mental benefits of Pilates?

Of course! As great as the physical benefits are, there are so many mental health benefits too.

We know from years of teaching that mental health has been shown to be improved after only the first few sessions.

Beyond that, levels of anxiety, depression and stress are all shown to be lower after just one class, with longer lasting results after more classes. 

Hopefully that clears some things up!

There is so much more that I could delve into, but think of everything I’ve shown you today as a taster. And the research is all there on the internet, with further proof from real people and instructors. Still not sure? Try it for yourself! What’s stopping you?