COVID Updates and Procedures


The company is governed by legislation currently in force at any time.

1.1 You must enter the building via the ramp and exit via the stairs. Do not use the access button as a member of staff will grant you access to the studio. Mask to be worn on entry. 

1.2 On entering sanitise your hands and your temperature will be taken. Providing the result is within the limits of safe participation access will be granted. Failure to meet these requirements will result in no access. 

1.3 On entry members will be directed straight to the relevant studio and to a mat or reformer (there will be no waiting in the reception area).

1.4 On entry into the studio please go to the mat/reformer at the back of the studio first. 

1.5 Bring your water as water will not be provided. 

1.6 No phones allowed in the studio unless on call for employment. 

1.7 Keep all personal belongings with you at all times. 

1.8 No towels allowed. Paper towels will be provided. 

1.9 Stay up to 2m apart at all times. 

1.10 Do not share equipment.


All equipment will be cleaned after use under the direction of the instructor. 

2.1 Instructors will bring around wipes for cleaning equipment

2.2 All equipment that has been touched will be wiped down. 

14.2.3 Do not put wipe in the bin until you leave the studio to avoid walking past others. 


3.1 Each mat/reformer will be given a number. This will determine what order to leave the studio in. 

3.2 The instructor will leave first and members to follow starting with number 1. 

3.3 Please sanitise hands when leaving, at the first available sanitiser station. 

3.4 On leaving, wait for the instructor to open the door and leave via steps.