Q1: What is Pilates?

Pilates is a uniquely precise and intelligent approach to exercise and body-conditioning, which helps to give you a leaner, limber, more toned body and a calmer, more relaxed mind. It takes its name from Joseph Pilates, a German-born emigré to Britain and then America, who devised it in the early part of the last century. Read More….

Q2: Where can i find the class timetable?

It’s simple! Just head to the ‘Classes’ tab on our website and click ‘class timetable’. All of our available classes that you can book will appear there. https://www.a1infiniteperformance.co.uk/class-timetable/

Q3: How many classes can i do on a membership?

It’s totally unlimited! On both off peak and peak memberships, you can do as many classes as you like. 

Another reminder that the most convenient way to book your classes is through our app.


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Q4: What should i wear?

During our Pilates classes, your body will be moving a lot. You may be sitting, rolling and lying down. Here a few pointers on what to wear:

Comfortable clothing

Leggings are always good as they don’t move around too much but make sure you don’t have zips in the back. It can be uncomfortable to lie on and can also potentially rip our mats, machines and hammocks.  Avoid clothes that restrict your movement or have excess material that gets in your way.

No shoes required

You’ll be barefoot or wearing socks during your session. Grippy socks are recommended if you choose not to go barefoot. We sell those in the studio so don’t worry if you forget to bring them. 

No Jewellery 

We appreciate that people may wish to keep rings etc worn at all times, but we ask if you can please remove anything that may get caught in the silk hammock and potentially rip it.

Q5: How do i know which class is right for me?

It’s mostly down to what you enjoy! Each class will be quite different from one another, but they very much share similar benefits. 

You may find that the Mat classes are slower and more your pace, or you may prefer the vibe of using the Reformers to work your body.

The best advice is to just try the classes for yourself, and remember that our instructors are always on hand to give you any advice and help you need in finding the best class for you.

Q6: How large are your classes?

All of our classes are small to make sure you get enough attention when needed. Our Reformer classes are a maximum of 10, while our Aerial and Mat are 8. 

If you need more help we also offer 1:1’s from 30 to 60 minutes. This can help you fine tune any areas that you are potentially struggling with.

Q7: How large are your classes?

Infinite Performance offers equipment-based Pilates, Mat, Aerial and strength classes put together by Beth. All are small to make sure you get enough attention when needed and will never exceed 10.


Reformer Classes are at the maximum of 10 to let you get the most from the class Read more…

Q8: Am i guaranteed a place in a class?

We allow all of our members to book into classes 2 weeks in advance, giving you plenty of time to book in.

If you have work commitments or just prefer to book classes last minute, the majority of our classes will still have space, with exception to a few of our most popular.


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