Have You Realised That Pilates Has Been Missing In Your Life? 
Have You Decided It's Time To Start Putting Your Needs First?

 Do You Want To Join A Boutique Fitness Studio That Caters To You?

We Are A People Focused Boutique Pilates Studio Who Aim To Help You Become Stronger, More Confident And Healthier In Both Mind and Body. We Aim To Help Those Who Are Committed To Making Long Term Lifestyle Changes And Provide You With An Unforgettable Experience That Gets Results.  



We Don't Just Let Anyone Join Our Studio. Have You Got What It Takes To Be Part Of A Community That Want's To Change. Better Yet Expects You To Change. And Not Just A Quick Fix, As A Lifelong Change. 


If you want real long lasting results you need to be committed to making this a part of your every day life. Our members only see changes because they constantly show up even when they don't want to. The power of Pilates far outweighs not doing it. Make this a commitment to yourself and let the magic happen.


Sacrifice can seem like a scary word, but when it comes to your health and wellbeing sometimes we have to let go of the things that are holding us back. It might just be for a short period of time. It's what gets you on the other side and feeling good again that makes the sacrifices worth while. 


It can be so easy to give up a few weeks in thinking that it's not working. The body is a remarkable thing and it is important you get in tune with it. Being persistent and listening to what your body needs will lead you down the path for success. If you give up too easy you will never know what you can accomplish.

Here at Infinite Performance we believe that you can get real long lasting sustainable results. We never make you feel like the odd one out, or unable to make changes. We are here to cheer you along and give you all the help you feel you need.

 What to Expect....

 You’ll Discover How Pilates Can Start To Alleviate Any   Pains, And Have You Moving And Feeling Better.

 We Show The Methods We Use To Help Build A Strong   Frame To Support Your Body.

 We Show The Methods We Use To Help Build A Strong   Frame To Support Your Body.

 Not only that you can gain access to our online classes. So if you are ever stuck at home we are always there to help you.

What Results Our Clients Have Experienced 

Meet Beth

Nice to 'Meet' You....

I have helped many people like yourself alleviate their back pain with Pilates. Pilates is such an under-utilised tool and more people need in their everyday lives. I have shown many people that may not even like exercise, who have come to love Pilates and didn't realise it was missing from their lives.

Like you I have gone through many adversities suffering from depression and anxiety to having bulimia through university. What I have discovered through doing Pilates is that until you connect fully with your mind and body you will never truly discover your capabilities. Pilates doesn’t just strengthen your body but the mind too.

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