• Are you stiff and inflexible?
  • Do you have aches and pains in your body and joints?
  • Are you struggling to do the things you loved?

Infinite Pilates offer a range of different and unique classes specifically designed to aid you both physically and mentally in creating a more harmonious atmosphere for your body. At Infinite Pilates we believe that to improve your physical well being you must also improve your mental well being, Pilates is a good step towards achieving that goal.

Infinite Pilates offers smaller classes to give that personal touch, we want to focus on each individual in the room giving advice and hands on correction where needed. We also offer 1:1 sessions as part of your package to work on the areas that you need strengthening.

Our instructors are highly trained and have the passion and commitment to helping you reach your goals.

****Please be aware that availability is limited and if the class you are after is not there it will have already been taken****

Aerial Pilates

Aerial Pilates involves practicing Pilates exercises in the air by suspending the body, or parts of the body in a fabric hammock. Aerial Pilates helps increase flexibility and strength, physical awareness, releases tension and offers the opportunity for mindfulness.

Low Hammock: Beginners practicing aerial Pilates start by practicing exercises on the floor with the assistance of the Low Pilates hammock. This can then be progressed into our intermediate movements from the floor giving it a more dynamic and challenging spin.

High Hammock: Once confident you can step up to our high hammock. This is primarily at an Intermediate level and require you to suspend the body or parts of the body from the hammock. You can even try your hand at hanging upside down!

Mat Pilates

Mat Pilates is performing the Pilates method on a mat, meaning you can practice Pilates anywhere. Mat Pilates gives you slow control over your movements, it helps to strengthen your body’s core by improving pelvic stability and abdominal control and focuses on your breathing patterns. It improves your flexibility, muscle tone balance, spinal support and mind-body awareness.


Reformer Pilates is similar to Mat Pilates but uses a machine giving you a more dynamic and intense workout to that of mat Pilates. Reformers give you a greater range of motion and uses resistance. Reformers also improves your flexibility, muscle tone, balance, spinal support and mind-body awareness.

Fitness Reformer: This Reformer Workout is a fun marriage of the fitness and Pilates worlds. You’ll see unique variations using the reformers and lots of exercises that focus on leg and arm strength, and of course core. This is an intermediate full body workout. Not for the faint of heart so please be aware when booking this. *****You must have attended 6 weeks of Reformer classes before gaining access to these classes******

Level 1 Reformer: You’ll be introduced to the equipment, techniques and some of the basic exercises that underpin the programme. The focus is on understanding how the core muscles work, learning to activate them correctly, and beginning to improve your general strength, flexibility and posture.

Level 2 Reformer: Faster, louder and more intense. Expect significantly more variety – there are literally hundreds of exercises for your Trainer to choose from. On average, you’ll work through twice as many exercises as in the Beginners Class, all more challenging.


Barre is a workout inspired by dancer’s, made for everyone. It aims to exhaust each major muscle groups in the body through a series of isometric exercises to strengthen and lengthen the muscles. During class you’ll target the arms, thighs, core, glutes and back. Barre is a faced paced, full body workout, yet low impact, making it a great option for everyone!

You must have completed 6 weeks of Pilates classes before attending due to the intensity and the core control needed to prevent injury.

Sensational 60’s Pilates

Pilates is a great form of exercise to smarten up! It is safe and gentle on joints, heart and lungs, but also requires a level of concentration that not only gets the most out of your body, it is also a great workout for your brain. Pilates helps improve flexibility, posture and strength as well as those aches and pains we often associate with getting older (but are they really necessary?)

This class is the 60’s and overs and is performed at a slower pace, but focuses more on challenging your balance, co-ordination and posture than our general classes. We use all our small pieces of studio equipment such as the foam roller, ball, flexi-band and the magic circle in this class.

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