Personal Training

Over ten years of chronic back pain had resulted in me being overweight, unhealthy and inactive, so, in 2015, after deciding enough was enough, and having had some intense physio, I was able to start Pilates classes with Beth where she helped me strengthen my core and generally change my attitude towards my health, fitness and wellbeing.

After a few months, I was able to start 1-1 personal training with her and can honestly say I’ve never looked back! The changes in my body are amazing, and whilst I have lost weight and dropped 3 dress sizes, the important thing is that I have strengthened and toned my body and have a new outlook on my life and lifestyle.

I feel fit and healthy in both my body and mind for…..yes, probably the first time in my life I reckon! I now think about what I put into my body and am doing exercises that I would never have thought possible, and certainly would never have believed that I would enjoy!

I started training with Beth just before my 40th birthday and corny as it may sound, I can honestly say, life began again for me at 40! I feel better now than I have ever done and feel more like a 30 year old than a 40 something. This wouldn’t have happened without Beth’s training and constant support. Thank you Beth! Here’s to the next few years and what I can achieve with your help!


As an unfit adult male, I was becoming anxious/concerned about my weight and all-round health. Thyroid, asthma and obesity my main concerns and recommendations from medical professionals advising me to lose weight, or else.

In April 2017 whilst browsing through Facebook, I came across Beth Brougham. With words like ‘Personal Trainer’, ‘Sports Massage’, ‘Sports Therapy’ on her profile, my attention was captured. Reading Beth’s profile I found she has her own business, ‘Infinite Performance Fitness’. An offering of 1-2-1 Personal Training, Pilates, Sports Injury Treatments. Pretty much everything I require to aid my health improvement.

At my first meeting with Beth I was made to feel at ease; that with the right training program and meal option management, my weight could be reduced and I would feel healthier. She hasn’t been wrong yet. In 3 months, I have lost a little over 5 kilos; my tummy has reduced and posture has improved.
Without being forceful, Beth has pushed me in 1-2-1 Personal Training sessions three times a week; purely by encouragement and more so, her exceptional knowledge and experience in fitness. The training is hard work which I wouldn’t expect anything less; but it gets the required results and can be enjoyable (fun).


I approached Beth for help following recurring injuries during training. She identified areas of muscle imbalances and weaknesses, and designed a programme specific to me.

By following the programme, I quickly noticed an improvement in my posture, and a reduction in the number of injuries. I dropped a dress size and I’m enjoying more food than ever!
Since training with Beth, my strength has increased, and I have also improved my half marathon time by 3 minutes.


After previously being very active, I’d taken a long break from exercising. I’d put on weight and lost my motivation and confidence in the gym. I started PT with Beth and knew straight away that she was one of the most knowledgeable PTs I’ve met. Beth took me back to basics, worked on my nutrition, my mobility and my joint stability. She’s corrected some old bad habits and reinforced some good ones.

Beth has supported me hugely through coaching, and has helped me change my mindset as well as working towards my goals. I am back in the gym several times a week, my body fat has dropped and I’m gaining confidence every week.

Anyone can beast someone for an hour, but Beth provides truly tailored, individual sessions that get results and bring changes. She will support you every step of the way.


I began working with Beth with the aim of losing weight however Beth’s brilliant holistic approach has meant that my posture, strength, nutrition, sleep and general wellbeing have all improved . Beth’s way of working is very personalised and she understands what really motivates people . The sessions are challenging but in a good , supportive way and are never boring .

I always feel I’ve worked hard but Beth always knows exactly the right amount of challenge to include so that I am never overwhelmed or demotivated . Beth is extremely knowledgeable and ensures that I am doing the exercises properly for maximum benefit and is always willing to answer questions. I cannot thank Beth enough for getting me back on track for a healthy lifestyle.



I’m hooked!

I was highly anxious when I came to the reformer taster class. But the moment I walked through the door the whole ambience of the studio put my mind at rest. It’s lovely. Beth and Ryan could not have been more friendly and approachable. The class was without doubt the best workout I have done and I have tried many over the last ten years to regain physical health.

I have always ended up creating more damage because of wasted muscle tone. This resulted in me loosing hope of ever being able to achieve any level of fitness. I didn’t recognise myself, I missed me . These classes are not just about body fitness to me but also mind fitness. They excel at both. Beth and Ryan’s classes are enabling me to build muscle tone and helped with chronic joint pain, stability and balance.

I can think more clearly, walk taller and my body is gaining strength and flexibility. I can sit crossed legged! AND I’m writing this which can only mean my brain is functioning better as I would not have been able to think straight enough to get my words typed with the amount of pain killers I was on.
Beth,Ryan and team have a very holistic approach to improving mind,body & soul.

I wish I had found them long ago and if they ever move I’m moving with them. I wish you all the very best and I can’t thank you enough for how you have helped me. If anyone reading this gains some hope of improving their health in a safe and happy environment. HOORAY. Everyone I have met at class are lovely too. Feeling happy and well balanced .


I found the Aerial Pilates class amazing. The hammock helps me stabilise better so I can get a deeper workout. It looks like it would be super easy, but Beth does make you work hard!
The best part… the cool down at the end when you get a chance to be cocooned by the hammock.


Reformer Pilates is absolutely fantastic. After attending my free session I’ve found something I absolutely love. Look forward to every class, having a stressful personal situation I find the reformer class helps me zone out and take some time for myself.

It’s an absolute must forntrying something new 🙂


I am thoroughly enjoying the classes so far with Ryan and Beth. Some of the moves are really challenging and you really have to focuss on breathing and engaging your core! I have a very hectic job which leaves me quite tense…. since doing the classes i feel alot less stressed! Its great to find something that benefits both my body and my mind thanks guys ☺


Love Beth’s reformer class really feel the difference after just 2 session with my back. Really looking forward to progressing and improving my technique next session Thursday can’t wait x


I’ve tried normal gym Pilates classes before and always left in more pain than I started in! I’ve only been doing Beth’s classes for a few weeks and already I’m noticing a difference! Every class is different and the small classes are perfect!! Beth is a fantastic and would definitely recommend!!!